Super-cool postcard for Postcrossing!

1 11 2010

It’s that time of year when dozens of Christmas gift catalogues start spamming the newspapers and in an idle moment’s perusal I spotted this superb postcard aeroplane from a company called Heal’s. So cool! It is jolly expensive though; ¬£4 with ¬£4.95 p+p – upwards of $15, I believe. Boo! But if you wanted a really lovely card to send to a special Postcrosser then this is so fun. And take no notice of the term “kid’s toy”! It’s available here.

Postcard from Russia

28 10 2010

I love love love postcards from Russia Town and this was pretty wicked because it came esteemed Postcrosser  oixxo who won the video contest back in May. W00t!

Here is her very nicely executed vid:

Postcard from Belarus

28 10 2010

Dang hell, I almost just reported my own fair blog as spam! That would be whack. Belarus isn’t just about chess prodigies, it also does nice postcards. And stamps! Love it.

Postcard from Santa Monica

28 10 2010

Like good wine, horrible cheese and Caprice’s botox wounds, a good view can never get old …well, maybe. Ooh, look! Pretty!

Stonehenge postcard shown love!

28 10 2010

This postcard showing some of those weird Druids who hang around at Stonehenge at the weekend has got me quite a number of requests from as far afield as China! Woohey.

Stunning postcard from Israel

28 10 2010

[[Fist pump!]] What can I say other than: j’adore cette carte? A camel and the most beautiful view in the world, oh yeah! This has got people feeling jealous and I’m sorry about that. Amazing!

I’m back like Tupac! Plus, postcard from Romania

28 10 2010

Hey gang! So sorry I’ve been absent for *cough* five months, I do hope you can pardon my errant ways. Disappointingly little has changed and I count the News of the World’s ruddy annoying decision to start charging for content as one of the bigger events to have passed. I suppose we’ll put it down to sunny days running through meadows as the primary reason for my abandonment but don’t worry, winter’s here and it’s queer, and there’s nothing I love more than a bit of blawgin’ when The Big Freeze keeps me housebound 24/7.

Anyway, during my absence I’ve sent and received about a milli Postcrossing postcards so now I’ll attempt to blog the things. Here’s a good’un that hails from Romania. Its caption reads: “Terracotta statuette called ‘The Thinker’, Hamangia Culture, 5000-4600 BC.” Quite, like, old!