How to say thanks!

22 11 2009

There’s a couple of things I like to say when I’m registering a postcard. I would never just say “YOU BEEN POSTCROSSED, BITCH!” I like to thank the person profusely, say how much I like the card and comment on what they wrote. That’s just good manners in my book. It’s really nice when someone else takes the time to say thank you nicely and the good feeling it gives you is the whole point of the project for me. One or two people have just said “oh, thanks” for my postcard which makes me feel a little hard done by. It’s nicer when you can connect a bit more. Anyway, I’m not whinging. Just sayin’!




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27 11 2009

You’re right that it’s really more about communication. I always appreciate the thanks too, although I like to imagine that the person really liked the card even if they didn’t say so. What I find disappointing is the specific requests, especially when it comes in the form of “send the card in an envelope and don’t write on the card”. That person is collecting cards, not connecting.

27 11 2009

I couldn’t agree more!! I would never make specific requests – for one thing you’re told not to do so! And people that want them unwritten in envelopes…urgh, that’s just rude and defies the whole point of the project! Where’s the fun in it??

I’ll add a link to your blog in just a sec!

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