A postcard

1 12 2009

This postcard was sent by moi to a Postcrosser in Australia. Pretty, innit? This old chap is found in Oxfordshire. I live near another chalk horse and they are wonderful to see. The thing about them is, they look so modern, like Damien Hirst just parked up with his pickled calf on the dashboard and carved it into the landscape. But they are well old, like ancient or something. God knows how they did it with the lack of perspective. It must have been quite a trial!




3 responses

1 12 2009

This is sooo beautiful!

2 12 2009

Awww, thanks, Christine!

15 12 2009

all these Earth from the Air cards are amazing…reminds me of this photographer…Jason Hawkes, who had specialized in aerial photography…i wonder if some of these images are his “fault”

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