Girl left slighted by Postcrosser!

1 12 2009

Anger management time! This morning I felt exceptionally irritated by the actions of another Postcrosser. I won’t even reveal the country they come from so as not to slander an entire nation. On checking my email account, I was happy to see one of my postcards had arrived; then, on opening the email, very disappointed that the Postcrosser hadn’t said thank you or indeed anything at all! I realise it’s not obligatory to express any gratitude if you so wish, but I wonder why someone would take part in a project promoting goodwill only to behave so ignorantly. In my culture, as with most others, it’s rude, unjustifiable behaviour. I feel especially hurt as it was an extremely beautiful card I had chosen just for them and I had taken time to write a thoughtful, chatty message on the card that they could easily have responded to. It’s insulting that I spent a lot of money buying and sending a card for a person to accept so rudely. The person in question has received more than 300 cards! Well, they certainly aren’t partaking to make friends. I wonder why they are partaking? Maybe they have a personal vendetta against Britain [considering the country concerned that wouldn’t surprise me]. But isn’t Postcrossing all about generosity of spirit? International merriment? Maybe they have a busy life but most people do. Twenty seconds is all it takes just to say a quick ‘ta’!

In happier news, my brother has magicked up a scanner – woot! So soon enough I should have my postcards scanned in and on display for your delight!




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1 12 2009

I know what you mean. The recipient may not feel like he or she needs to write an actual response or thank you; it is considered optional after all. Like you, I think they should. There are certainly people out there who participate in Postcrossing for different reasons than we do. Some people really just want to get a good collection of international postcards and they would prefer you didn’t write anything on them. However, when someone registers one of my postcards and doesn’t include a note, I like to think that they really liked the postcard and it made them smile, but they just didn’t express it to me. I truly believe that this is the case most of the time…just like my niece who never sends thank-you notes, ahem.

2 12 2009

Well, I hope that’s the case! I really want to imagine that they did like it! But it takes such little effort to actually say, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t. Gah!

4 12 2009

The only time I got angry on postcrossing was when I got 3 people in a row who had no information on their page, just a blank page. I know some people collect postcards in mass via 10 accounts, but if that’s the case then in the profile say that it’s strictly a collecting profile. I like to write to people, not machines. On the 3rd card I just wrote in big letters “dont know what to write you have nothing on your page” I thought the lack of punctuation in the message would emphasize that “ME ANGRY”. Haha, it was really childish, and the next day I sent another card to this person with a nicer, longer message. Then I messaged the user on postcrossing saying to expect two cards.

It might have been a rough anger can even be triggered by inanimate objects sometimes so who knows? hah!

4 12 2009

LOL! Yep, sometimes you just can’t keep the rage in any longer! It just caught me at a bad moment when I opened the email to find no message. I love those passive-aggressive ways of saying “me angry”, hahaha! But when I act on my anger I end up feeling horribly guilty the next day. It’s very strange that people do it just to collect cards – so annoying! And why not write a profile?? I’ve seen one person with about 20 accounts, pretending to be a girl, man, boy… Collect your own damn postcards!!

9 12 2009

Maybe it was me 😦 The very first card I received, I didn’t know how the whole registering thing worked, so I clicked submit/ok/send without filling the block. Then I realised that “ooooh, that was where you get to put the comment that gets emailed”.

This was around middle October

9 12 2009

no, it definitely wasn’t you! for one thing they had a different name. also this person has been postcrossing for years and has sent dozens and dozens of cards. i wouldn’t have minded if they were new! that would’ve been forgivable! anyway i’m over it now. blogger’s revenge cured my anger 😀

7 03 2010

I just sent out my first postcrossing cards. I hope they like them! And i hope I receive some myself too! 🙂

27 04 2010

I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this annoying, I thought I was being petty to start with but then a ‘thank you’ is always nice isn’t it? Like you, I take the time to choose postcard carefully I don’t like to pick terrible ones with 80’s style writing on, I tend to think ‘would I like to receive this postcard’ not just blindly picking and buying.

Anyhow! After writing a thoughtful message and it being sent, received, registered there was no thank you or anything 😦 I actually enjoy them being received and seeing the Hurrah! message in my inbox just to see what the person thought of my choice/message.
I remember sending a postcard to China (my second postcard sent) and even though the person wasn’t great at English they said ‘i like it very much’, which was good enough for me 🙂

I also don’t understand these people who set up multiple accounts where you can’t really interact with them at all when I’ve got a blank profile page to work with. Part of the joy of the Postcrossing project is the interaction and sending it to a real person, otherwise you might as well be sending it to a machine. I never try and let me anger get in the way though 😛 I ‘try’ and deal with it.

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