11 12 2009

Almost all the postcards I’ve sent through Postcrossing have come from the Earth From The Air postcard book.  [Best read this so I don’t have to go into that again. ] I’ve just reached my two absolute favourites in the collection and I just wondered whether I should be generous and send them off to perfect strangers or keep them and love them forever like some kind of Gollum creature. Thoughts?

These are the postcards in question! So. Lovely! The Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro – in my opinion, the most beautiful view in the world:

Dates drying in a palm grove south of Cairo:

Also, while browsing the Earth From The Air website I noticed that they now let you send a free e-card with one of their amazing photos! How cool is that? Would you like one? If so, just leave me a comment saying so and I’ll send one your way! I’m so generous!




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11 12 2009

Love your beautiful postcards. The scene is Brazil makes you want to visit there.

12 12 2009

Well, I think you should keep them. You collect postcards and you know you like them. It would be such a shame if you sent them to someone who didn’t like them. On the other hand, you could wait until you get someone who happens to mention that they like aerial views and photography. Then you could be certain they would like them.

13 12 2009

thanks Christine, very rational! maybe I will keep them!

13 12 2009
Lay Hoon

I love the 1st postcard !!!
So beautiful and breath-taking !

13 12 2009

I think you should keep them too. I often buy cards when I’m visiting places and end up sending them through PostCrossing. After a while I find I have nothing from that place myself. It’s hard to resist though, when you have something that really seems a “fit” for a profile.

13 12 2009

I know! I’ll tell myself to keep them but I’ll probably end up sending them anyway – darn it!

13 12 2009

I try and live by the cliché of

If you love something set it free,
if it comes back – it’s yours,
if not – it was never meant to be.

That why whe I buy prezzies, I try and get something that I would like or use etc.

So I agree with Christine, send them to someone who you think will appreaciate them. I think on the forum at the Postcrossing site, there are threads for direct swaps – you could always ask if there is a collector that might cherish them iykwim.

Those pics are stunning btw, Love the on showing the different shades of dates.

An Im a sucker for a freebie, PLEASE please puhleeze send me an e-card. ^_^

13 12 2009

I sent it! But then I sent myself one just as an experiment and it didn’t work properly! Oh dang.

14 12 2009

I got the link in email, but the page says it doesn’t exist 😦

Thank for trying though!

15 12 2009

stupid website! I don’t like it any more 😀

sorry about that!

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