Postcrossing can mend your ignorance!

13 12 2009

I’m ‘fraid my German knowledge isn’t too hot. All I can say is, “Mutter und Vater trinken die Wasser,” and I didn’t even know about the coastline.  My bad! But thanks to the cards I now receive through Postcrossing I’m starting to find this stuff out. I got this pretty card a while back and it’s like going on a tour of the town – mentally!




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13 12 2009

Ja, sehr schön!

14 12 2009

eh??? 😀

13 12 2009

Hi there Jenny,

Glad to see I’m not the only one renewing their education via Postcrossing! It’s great isn’t it.

Thanks for linking me on your blog too! I will have to check out all your other links as you’ve got some I haven’t come across yet.


14 12 2009

Hi Annie! It really is great – every time I get a new address through Postcrossing, I look up the country and find out a bit about it. And I’m getting so good at recognising all the flags now! Really obscure ones that I had no idea about before!

I feel like every time I go to another site THEY have links I didn’t know about! I’m gonna end up with a huuuge blogroll, hehe! It’s a nice community, I love it.


14 12 2009
Lay Hoon

This is beautiful !!!

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