Postcrossing V Penpals for little people!

14 12 2009

Which do you think is better for children: Postcrossing or penpals? For me, it’s Postcrossing hands down! At twenty-three I can very very vaguely remember what it’s like to be a kid, and I think Postcrossing is perfect for the smaller members of society!

I know for a fact that I would have absolutely loved Postcrossing. It’s quick and easy to write a succinct postcard message; no need to go into detail in a one-off exchange like this – unlike with a penpal! That first letter to a new penpal always required a thousand word essay (minimum) on family, friends, pets, school,Β  your favourite Smurf, that time you drowned etc. etc. until we all run crying to bed. Not so with Postcrossing! Scrawl a quick missive, get mummy to write the address for you and Bob’s your uncle!

Plus the quick turnover makes it a winner. Days after posting, the lovely postcardy reward arrives from another random exotic location – everyone’s happy, you get a cool postcard collection and that’s the end of it. No worrying about having to write again. There’s none of the tension of a penpal who will probably throw your letter out of the window in a moment of frivolity [we’ve all been there, frankly] and never write to you again. The overriding theme of Postcrossing is one of mutual reciprocation and it rarely gives you that feeling of disappointment that penpalling can; send a postcard, get one back. I know some people will protest that they’ve been writing to Ludmilla for over thirty years and she’s the best friend they could ever have and there’s no way Postcrossing could compete with that – and I applaud them. But most kids are a little bit fickle if you don’t mind me saying so – espcially now that they play Grand Theft Auto for eight hours a day in between updating their iPhone apps. Penpalling takes an awful lot of commitment and most of them – either the recipient or themselves – won’t manage it. So try Postcrossing instead!




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28 12 2009
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31 12 2009
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2 01 2010

haha very true πŸ˜‰ postcrossing rocks!

21 02 2010

Leave me out of this, buddy! It’s only YOUR crappy letters that I threw out of the window. I’m friends with everyone else to this day. You smell.

27 04 2010

I discovered postcrossing about a month ago after one of my lovely blogging friends pointed me in the direction of the website because I love snailmail and miss having something to look forward to in my mailbox. The whole thing is pretty addictive and it’s exciting to see which countries you will send to as well as where you receive them from. I’ve received 3 postcards so far and am going to try and blog every so often with an update on the cards I’ve received too, and any thoughts they bring!

You’re right about kids being fickle. When I was 14 I had a German penpal to help me with the language learning for school, it was pretty short-lived lasting less than a year. I think I lost interest. Same with a penpal from Texas I had. I loved being outdoors and playing with the other kids down the street so I’m sure it was hard for me to knuckle down and write something.

I agree about the joys of the one-off exchange, and if it becomes something more then so be it πŸ™‚ When I have time I will definitely get on the penpal wagon again!

5 07 2012
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