Mozambique and Kyoto postcards

17 12 2009

I was extra lucky with one Postcrossing I received recently: the Postcrosser, an American, sent me a letter, two postcards and a photo from his travels in Mozambique! This postcard also came from his time in Mozambique, a former French colony. A very beautiful image!

The other postcard comes from Kyoto:




3 responses

18 12 2009
Lay Hoon

You’re lucky !!
The Mozambique postcard was not easy to collect and the so do the colourful & unique Kyoto postcard.

18 12 2009

Hi there!
I’ve not checked in in a few days. You’ve got a really interesting variety of cards. The 1905 one is intrieguing as to why that is the sort of picture someone would put on a postcard??


20 12 2009

Can’t ber helped by being touched by the contrast of these two images. Moçambique is just too close to home.

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