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7 01 2010

Snow! About a million tons of it fell all over Britain in the last couple of days. It’s the coldest it’s been for at least thirty years! And tonight Scotland will reach its coldest ever, -20. Even here in “soft” Southern England, the public transport has all stopped and we are all frozen up. Worst of all, there’s no way I can get any Postcrossing done when we can’t even get to the Post Office. Anyway, taking pics of it always makes me feel better so I thought I’d share some on here. The miserable ones were taken yesterday, the sunny ones were taken just now!




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7 01 2010

We are getting a ton here (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA), too. Not super strange for this area, but it is unusual that it has been falling for 5 days straight. I am able to send and get mail at my end-of-driveway postbox, though, so that makes it nice πŸ™‚

8 01 2010

I think everywhere is suffering “the big chill” this year. wow, I wish I had an end-of-driveway postbox πŸ˜€ you’re so lucky!

7 01 2010

Oh, it looks so beautiful though! Easy or me to say. It’s just gray and dreary here. Beautiful cats; they look very much like the cats we had.
I hope you have a good supply of hot chocolate.
Thanks for posting these.

8 01 2010

awww thanks! they are so sweet but sadly they are a bit feral as they were rescue kittens. we do indeed have lots of lovely hot chocolate πŸ˜€ I just wish it would go now but we have at least another week of it! oh no!

8 01 2010

The snow looks very pretty — from such a distance away as New Zealand!!! Hope you kitties are keeping warm, and perforning their duty as furry hotwater bottles well!?


8 01 2010

I think it’s more that I’m THEIR hot water bottle, lol!

Is NZ warm at the moment?

10 01 2010

Fair comment on who it is that’s the hot water bottle!!! LOL.

PB says he woke up this morning and both our dogs were squeezed in BETWEEN us. It’s not particularly warm here at present – not really warm enough to be called ‘Summer’ – though the calendar tells me it is. We are having one nice day followed by 3-5 days of rain, in my area. Today – well, we lit the fire as it is really not that warm at all.
We are still waiting for summer!!! It seems the weather is being weird the whole world over?


8 01 2010

Hello your kitties are Cute!
I am a postcrosser also. I have sent over 300 cards. 51 countries! It’s so much fun.

9 01 2010
Lay Hoon

The snow is beautiful !
But seems there are too much for this year .

9 01 2010

Yes, I’m pretty sick of the snow too. I haven’t had any post at all for three days and we live in a town. I hear that although it’s not so very bad here (if bitterly cold) a couple of miles away, the road is closed! Sitting here waiting for another ton of the stuff tonight.

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