Postcard from Finland

26 02 2010

I’ve received an awful lot of Postcrossings in my absence from this blog and I really must do them justice with a good old scanning. Anyway, this old boy turned up in the post just a couple of days ago. It’s always nice to get Finnish postcards because they seem like the most enthusiastic of Postcrossers for some reason.


White horses postcard to Finland

26 02 2010

Oh dear, this poor blog is looking very neglected. Well, sorry about that – I’ve had new commitments of late, which hasn’t allowed much time for frivolities. This weekend I’ll try my darnedest to scan like never before and be all up to date in a jiffy. This is a postcard I sent a while ago showing four chalk horses visible on various English landscapes. My favourite will always be the top left-hand creation found in Uffington. It has an amazing simplicity which proves very effective on the eye. I’m an art critic!

Brazil postcard sent to Malaysia

11 02 2010

Remember the Christ the Redeemer postcard I didn’t know who to send to? Well, it eventually found its perfect owner, the lovely Lay Hoon of the Travel Postcard blog! Her scanner is obviously better than mine because it can handle a big old postcard like this.

Beautiful Ukraine postcard

4 02 2010

I really love this card, which also has amazing stamps and was sent by a really nice girl. I hadn’t had any Postcrossings for two weeks or so, then three of the buggers turned up yesterday! ‘Twas most irregular but l0ve love love it! Obviously I haven’t scanned the other two yet because I am just that lazy. Have a butchers at the Ilyinsky Cathedral of Evpatoria in Ukraine. The sender tells me it is a Greek cathedral built in 1911-1918 and consecrated by the holy Prophet Elijah. Sadly the walls of the cathedral show the scars of World War II shelling.

Postcard to America

3 02 2010

This is the HD version of the postcard last seen in my photo of five travelling cards. Is there anything cuter than a tiny little dog – or “goggie” as I like to call ’em – dressed up in full old lady gear? Probably not!