Postcard from Taiwan

5 03 2010

Since becoming a Postcrosser I’ve developed a real soft spot for Taiwan. It just seems like a really lovely place, full of culture and nice people, and it’s made me really want to go there some day. [Long sigh] Plus, as an islander myself, I have a thing about other islands. I think we have a unique – “mad” some might call it, probably the French  –  mentality that only other islanders can truly understand. Or maybe it’s the Lord of the Flies Robinson Crusoe romantic element. Whatever girlfriend. Have a look at this postcard – I think it’s my favourite ever! And you know what? Of course you don’t. It came with a matching Siamese cat stamp! Love it!




2 responses

8 03 2010

Well, hello there from another ‘Islander’!
This is a beautiful postcard ….. hmmm …. it would look good in my cat collection too!!! Heehehe.

I also really like the Salisbury one of the street at night-time, and the white horses. You have great postcards.

9 03 2010

lol, islanders are the best! he’s adorable isn’t he?? and thank you for the lovely compliment 🙂

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