Postcard to Belarus

5 03 2010

Is it wrong to favourite your own postcards? Well, I think I’ll have to with this beauty. I just love it. I admit that this is the glossy, PR version of Salisbury, conveniently ignoring the rats, feral children and general social grime, but on a sunny day it really is a pretty city. Aren’t you just gagging to walk its cobbled streets now?




2 responses

14 04 2010
Sheila @ A Postcard a Day

I had no idea you lived in Salisbury! Once upon a time I lived near Winchester, so not really far away. I love this card – you should keep a copy for yourself. I always intend to keep some special cards and then I end up sending them out, and often I regret it. I’m considering posting them to myself in future so that I can’t send them on.

15 04 2010

Yes I live just the other side of Salisbury in a village near to Downton! Winchester is a lovely area.

It really is a lovely postcard but unfortunately this was my only copy! But I’ll have to try to find another because I really love it. I like your idea about posting one to yourself – but we know our postman very well so he might think I’m a bit mad[der]! Lol!

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