Send postcards to make children smile

4 05 2010

I’m hardly the type to bleat on about charity, Elton John-style. But this gem really caught my eye as I perused my Tweetyline* last week. Postcrossing’s Twitter account is definitely worth following* – or at least keeping an eye on if ya dun’ know this Twitter fing – because it throws up all that is hot and wonderful in the world of Postcrossing right now.

Anyway, last week it linked to a lovely project whereby we the people can send postcards to be given to orphans in Kazakhstan. I’d been wishing I could find something of this ilk for quite some time so I’m gonna go for it big time – and I’m gonna badger all my family to do the same.

Hop on over to here to find out more!

It’s the most wonderful idea so do get involved.

*OhmyGod, I hope I’m not alienating them with all this tech speak.




2 responses

5 05 2010

This sounds like a worthwhile cause to get involved with! I’ll do it too!
Strangely enough I was thinking about this over the weekend, I found a website called It Starts With Us, lots of kindness missions. Somewhere I found a link to a children’s hospital, and it had a profile of the children you could write to, maybe draw a picture for. Now let me tell you now, it broke my heart to see the illnesses these children have. I thought it was such a great idea and I’ve put it on my to-do list.

23 10 2010

Wow! I didn’t know about this–I found you via Vintage Postcards from Postcard Friendship Friday. It would be great to have you join us on Fridays–there are a lot of folks who would just love your blog.

Have a great weekend!

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