Japan Postcard Book

29 11 2009

Nowadays I’m always on the lookout for a nice postcard book. I prefer them to the single postcards available in my local shops, which have obviously been there since the 70s! Dusty, curling at the edges, bit of an odour… Not the spirit of generosity Postcrossing intends, I feel. It’s not like there’s a glut of postcard books for sale though. There’s all the boring art ones, like Turner and all that, comedy ones, Harry Potter ones and, um, then it gets a bit thin on the ground. Anyway, one did catch my eye: A Year In Japan. Now, I love Japan, and Japanese art. Hmmm, what could it possibly be about a small, overcrowded island nation that appeals to a British girl like me? But I digress. The postcards look really cool and quirky, and I’m sorely tempted to order up right away. But then again, it would be a bit weird to get a Japanese card from a Britgirl. You wouldn’t want to get Postcrossed by a Brazilian only to find the card’s Belarussian! Or some other ridiculous pairing. Anyway, I’ll keep these cards in mind.

This is the book in question:

Two postcards from the collection:

A Year In Japan is available from Amazon for £5.02 [about $10].