Postcard from Belarus

28 10 2010

Dang hell, I almost just reported my own fair blog as spam! That would be whack. Belarus isn’t just about chess prodigies, it also does nice postcards. And stamps! Love it.


Postcard from Belarus

4 05 2010

I received this beautiful green-green-green postcard from the chess prodigy-factory that is Belarus. The sender tells me her country is full to bursting with forests, rivers and lakes. Healthy, innit!

Postcard to Belarus

5 03 2010

Is it wrong to favourite your own postcards? Well, I think I’ll have to with this beauty. I just love it. I admit that this is the glossy, PR version of Salisbury, conveniently ignoring the rats, feral children and general social grime, but on a sunny day it really is a pretty city. Aren’t you just gagging to walk its cobbled streets now?