Brazil postcard sent to Malaysia

11 02 2010

Remember the Christ the Redeemer postcard I didn’t know who to send to? Well, it eventually found its perfect owner, the lovely Lay Hoon of the Travel Postcard blog! Her scanner is obviously better than mine because it can handle a big old postcard like this.



11 12 2009

Almost all the postcards I’ve sent through Postcrossing have come from the Earth From The Air postcard book.  [Best read this so I don’t have to go into that again. ] I’ve just reached my two absolute favourites in the collection and I just wondered whether I should be generous and send them off to perfect strangers or keep them and love them forever like some kind of Gollum creature. Thoughts?

These are the postcards in question! So. Lovely! The Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro – in my opinion, the most beautiful view in the world:

Dates drying in a palm grove south of Cairo:

Also, while browsing the Earth From The Air website I noticed that they now let you send a free e-card with one of their amazing photos! How cool is that? Would you like one? If so, just leave me a comment saying so and I’ll send one your way! I’m so generous!