20 11 2009

After a little scouting around, I’ve found the next postcard book I want. [Just as an aside, I still find it really hard to write postcard without making a typo. Damn you brain!] It’s called Gargoyles and I think it’s so cool. It’s available at Book Depositary for £4.88 [about $9 I think]  including free worldwide postage – not bad at all for thirty cards! Ridiculously it’s on sale on ebay for nearly £10 – USED! The cheek of some people. Anyway, I love this gargoyle collection. I am slightly worried that stone ugly men poking their tongues out might be offensive to some cultures so I’ll be extra sensitive about that. Must have, must have!


The cards I send…

20 11 2009

As soon as I’d signed up to the Postcrossing website, I started to wonder what cards I should send to people. Most people seem to have something against cutesy cards which is kind of a shame. Cutesy’s cute! But the people want what the people want. So I went looking on Amazon and Play.com, and there’s not many postcard books on sale but one caught my eye instantly: The Earth From The Air Postcard Book. When it arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful the photos are, plus they are lovely and big and really good quality! It’s been hard sending them off but it makes me happy to think of someone getting one through the post. What a generous soul I can be at times! I would be very very happy if I got an Earth From The Air postcard and – in my opinion – that’s the true spirit of Postcrossing. The above pic isn’t in the postcard collection; it’s a stunning image that really caught my eye when I visited their website. ‘Rugs drying in Marrakech’ is the formal description, I believe. You can buy all kinds of amazing stuff there. I think I’ll get my mum one of their diary for Christmas! In fact the whole family will if I have anything to do with it. Quite pricey but well worth it.

This one of dyed cotton drying in the sun in India is also very beautiful:

This is the book in question:

It can be bought here.

Alternatively – not that I’m turning this into a price comparison website –  I’ve always preferred Play.com. They sell it here.

PS: The first three cards I sent were horrific Klimt monstrosities – sorry!