A postcard from me!

12 01 2010

I sent this gargoyle postcard to a Postcrosser in Poland. It came from the Gargoyle postcard book I mentioned before. If memory serves correct, he can be found on some cathedral in France. The Postcrosser didn’t say thank you but I’ll just have to build a bridge and get over it this time ♥


French delight!

15 12 2009

This was a postcard I sent to a Postcrosser in China. In the end it only took 15 days which isn’t bad – the last one I sent never got there at all! But this user had sensibly given the address in Chinese so the print-out got it delivered fast. Postcrossing would be lot easier if they all did this! This row of gargoyles is found at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.


20 11 2009

After a little scouting around, I’ve found the next postcard book I want. [Just as an aside, I still find it really hard to write postcard without making a typo. Damn you brain!] It’s called Gargoyles and I think it’s so cool. It’s available at Book Depositary for £4.88 [about $9 I think]  including free worldwide postage – not bad at all for thirty cards! Ridiculously it’s on sale on ebay for nearly £10 – USED! The cheek of some people. Anyway, I love this gargoyle collection. I am slightly worried that stone ugly men poking their tongues out might be offensive to some cultures so I’ll be extra sensitive about that. Must have, must have!