Postcards to Germany and US

4 05 2010

Hope you’re all having fun in the sun, my pretties! I”m having some kind of issue with my external file server so please excuse me while I smack my head on the table. My space bar is also wreaking havoc as it continues to die sosorryifIwritelikethis – #fail. Anyway, these are two Earth From The Air postcards I recently sent to Postcrossers – the first one showing a crowd of people in Ivory Coast went to the US and the second showing a sandbank on the coast of Queensland, Australia went to Germany. Don’t mean to boast but I love ’em both.


Postcard from Germany

12 03 2010

Urgh, why do I still write postcrad all the time? Damn you, brain! This postcard arrived about a week ago. The sender didn’t give me any info so sorry I can’t fill you in any more than that!

Postcard to Germany

5 03 2010

This lovely postcard went to a German Postcrosser last week who promised that every card she favourited would get a postcard from her in reply. [Dramatic pause] Sad to say, despite its obvious charm, mine did not make it into her precious little in tray of faves. [Wipes away a tear] But, being an adult and moving on, have a butchers at Salisbury!

Postcard from Germany

26 01 2010

This really lovely postcard shows the cloister of a medieval monastery where the sender is a tour guide. [I’m not sure of the city’s name – sorry.] It reminds me a lot of the Salisbury Cathedral cloisters. The sender says there hasn’t been any monks since 1648 so it’s a museum now. What a shame!

Postcrossing can mend your ignorance!

13 12 2009

I’m ‘fraid my German knowledge isn’t too hot. All I can say is, “Mutter und Vater trinken die Wasser,” and I didn’t even know about the coastline.  My bad! But thanks to the cards I now receive through Postcrossing I’m starting to find this stuff out. I got this pretty card a while back and it’s like going on a tour of the town – mentally!

Drunken seals spotted on German coast!

9 12 2009

I had to check that Germany even has coastline but apparently it does. Well I’ll be darned! Although, this beach has a more Mediterranean look, leaving my tabloid-style headline somewhat redundant. But this postcard did indeed come from Germany. They look more than drunk. I would bet that heroin and crack are involved too!