The kindness of strangers

15 01 2010

The kindness of the strangers involved in Postcrossing continues to amaze me. The other day I saw a really pretty postcard in someone’s gallery so I faved it and left a comment saying how beautiful it was. A short while later the sender messaged me and asked for my address so they could send another one to me! It arrived today and it’s even more lovely in real life. I just love the spirit of goodwill Postcrossers have. He had no reason to send it to me at all, it was simply kindness. And how often do you encounter that day-to-day?


The first ever Postcrossing!

5 01 2010

Yesterday while scouting around the Postcrossing website, I happened to find what turned out to be the first ever postcard sent through the project! PT-1 was sent in July 2005 by Paulo to Ana and took two days. I love seeing the beginning of the very beautiful life of Postcrossing!

This is the journey it took – the first of more than 3 MILLION!

Era bom! Postcard from Portugal

7 12 2009

This lovely postcard showing a Portuguese monastery arrived on a really miserable, drizzly day a few weeks ago and really made me happy. I want to live there!