Girl left slighted by Postcrosser!

1 12 2009

Anger management time! This morning I felt exceptionally irritated by the actions of another Postcrosser. I won’t even reveal the country they come from so as not to slander an entire nation. On checking my email account, I was happy to see one of my postcards had arrived; then, on opening the email, very disappointed that the Postcrosser hadn’t said thank you or indeed anything at all! I realise it’s not obligatory to express any gratitude if you so wish, but I wonder why someone would take part in a project promoting goodwill only to behave so ignorantly. In my culture, as with most others, it’s rude, unjustifiable behaviour. I feel especially hurt as it was an extremely beautiful card I had chosen just for them and I had taken time to write a thoughtful, chatty message on the card that they could easily have responded to. It’s insulting that I spent a lot of money buying and sending a card for a person to accept so rudely. The person in question has received more than 300 cards! Well, they certainly aren’t partaking to make friends. I wonder why they are partaking? Maybe they have a personal vendetta against Britain [considering the country concerned that wouldn’t surprise me]. But isn’t Postcrossing all about generosity of spirit? International merriment? Maybe they have a busy life but most people do. Twenty seconds is all it takes just to say a quick ‘ta’!

In happier news, my brother has magicked up a scanner – woot! So soon enough I should have my postcards scanned in and on display for your delight!


A postcard

23 11 2009

This lovely vintage-style card came from America, specifically Pittsburgh, PA. The sender tells me of a slang language spoken there called Pittsburghese. For example: “Dahntahn” = Downtown / “Jeetjet?” = Did you eat yet? There’s more at I love finding this stuff out through Postcrossing!