Girl left slighted by Postcrosser!

1 12 2009

Anger management time! This morning I felt exceptionally irritated by the actions of another Postcrosser. I won’t even reveal the country they come from so as not to slander an entire nation. On checking my email account, I was happy to see one of my postcards had arrived; then, on opening the email, very disappointed that the Postcrosser hadn’t said thank you or indeed anything at all! I realise it’s not obligatory to express any gratitude if you so wish, but I wonder why someone would take part in a project promoting goodwill only to behave so ignorantly. In my culture, as with most others, it’s rude, unjustifiable behaviour. I feel especially hurt as it was an extremely beautiful card I had chosen just for them and I had taken time to write a thoughtful, chatty message on the card that they could easily have responded to. It’s insulting that I spent a lot of money buying and sending a card for a person to accept so rudely. The person in question has received more than 300 cards! Well, they certainly aren’t partaking to make friends. I wonder why they are partaking? Maybe they have a personal vendetta against Britain [considering the country concerned that wouldn’t surprise me]. But isn’t Postcrossing all about generosity of spirit? International merriment? Maybe they have a busy life but most people do. Twenty seconds is all it takes just to say a quick ‘ta’!

In happier news, my brother has magicked up a scanner – woot! So soon enough I should have my postcards scanned in and on display for your delight!


How to say thanks!

22 11 2009

There’s a couple of things I like to say when I’m registering a postcard. I would never just say “YOU BEEN POSTCROSSED, BITCH!” I like to thank the person profusely, say how much I like the card and comment on what they wrote. That’s just good manners in my book. It’s really nice when someone else takes the time to say thank you nicely and the good feeling it gives you is the whole point of the project for me. One or two people have just said “oh, thanks” for my postcard which makes me feel a little hard done by. It’s nicer when you can connect a bit more. Anyway, I’m not whinging. Just sayin’!