I’m back like Tupac! Plus, postcard from Romania

28 10 2010

Hey gang! So sorry I’ve been absent for *cough* five months, I do hope you can pardon my errant ways. Disappointingly little has changed and I count the News of the World’s ruddy annoying decision to start charging for content as one of the bigger events to have passed. I suppose we’ll put it down to sunny days running through meadows as the primary reason for my abandonment but don’t worry, winter’s here and it’s queer, and there’s nothing I love more than a bit of blawgin’ when The Big Freeze keeps me housebound 24/7.

Anyway, during my absence I’ve sent and received about a milli Postcrossing postcards so now I’ll attempt to blog the things. Here’s a good’un that hails from Romania. Its caption reads: “Terracotta statuette called ‘The Thinker’, Hamangia Culture, 5000-4600 BC.” Quite, like, old!