Yadda yadda

11 12 2009

Hi children! I’m afraid it’s something of a slow news day today*: no new postcard arrivals since last week, let alone any more of my cack-handed scannings to post, so you’ll just have to put up with my wordy scribblings for now. I know how much you love postcard pics  so sorry about that.

Quite honestly, I’ve had no beginner’s luck with Postcrossing since I joined two months ago. I must have sent about 18 cards and only 12 have arrived – which isn’t a very good ratio for such small numbers. The three I sent eight days ago are still travelling –  and one only had to hop across to the beachless, Polanski-capturing, cuckoo clock-crazed utopia that is Switzerland. Could be something to do with the already under siege Royal Mail having their pipes clogged up with Xmas cards but still seems a bit odd. Anyway, all’s quiet on the Postcrossing front.

*The same can’t be said for family man Tiger Woods.