Postcard to Belarus

5 03 2010

Is it wrong to favourite your own postcards? Well, I think I’ll have to with this beauty. I just love it. I admit that this is the glossy, PR version of Salisbury, conveniently ignoring the rats, feral children and general social grime, but on a sunny day it really is a pretty city. Aren’t you just gagging to walk its cobbled streets now?


Postcard to Germany

5 03 2010

This lovely postcard went to a German Postcrosser last week who promised that every card she favourited would get a postcard from her in reply. [Dramatic pause] Sad to say, despite its obvious charm, mine did not make it into her precious little in tray of faves. [Wipes away a tear] But, being an adult and moving on, have a butchers at Salisbury!

Postcard to Taiwan

5 03 2010

I sent this postcard to a really sweet Taiwanese girl who said her English teacher was always complaining about her grammar! Well, her profile read almost perfectly so I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve decided now that I’ll only send postcards to the Far East if the address is given in their language as well so I can print it off. Otherwise there’s just no point – it’ll get lost! In fact, I wish Postcrossing would make it mandatory for Far Eastern users to write their address in Mandarin or whatever. It makes sense!