…and other things I like

21 12 2009

With masses of Xmas cards still clogging the Royal Mail’s pipes, I’ve received only one Postcrossing in the past week. Dang! So, until I’ve got that scanned, I’m just going to have to fulfill the “and other things I like” promise of my distinctly uncatchy URL. Here’s just a couple of other things I like!

♥ Well, this one is a little bit Postcrossy, FYI. The project’s creator, Paulo, also writes a personal website, the beautifully designed and quirky mentalstring.net.

♥ His lovely girlf, Ana, also has a blog: meiadeleite.com. Both sites are interesting and cool. They are obviously savants of all things computery!

♥ It’s Chriiiistmas! Thus, I present to you my Xmas present: the very lovely Samsung Genio Qwerty. I know it’s my present because I had to order it myself. The cheek of some people! I’m promised I won’t have to wrap it myself  but who knows. I can’t wait to be rid of the heinous Hello Kitty touchscreen I’m currently landed with. The aptly named Genio does email, Twitter, MP3…and also happens to be a totally unique design quite unlike that thing ending in “berry”.

♥ Without making assumptions, I would suspect that most Postcrossers are as stationary-obsessed as me. If true, then do make time to stop by Paper Nation! It’s UK-based but don’t worry, they ship to pretty much bloody anywhere. Not too keen on the postcards, but the diaries, notebooks and takeaway menu tidies are uber-lovely. Be still my beating heart!

PS. Blame WordPress for not opening a new tab when links are clicked. It’s irritating but there’s nothing I can do!