All relative!

6 12 2009

Yep, so I did the dastardly deed and scanned and scanned till I could take no more. The only things that escaped the ritual scanning were the postcards too big for the ineptly sized beast. Anyway, this first batch of postcards aren’t Postcrossing ones [groan here, please] but ones I found around the house. Hopefully this post will get me crazy hits and fulfill my wish to become the Perez Hilton of Postcrossing.

My Uncle Tim loves to travel and is always off on some exotic jaunt. Luckily for me he also loves to send postcards so thanks to him I already had some real good’uns back in my pre-Postcrossing days. This one came from the legendary Syrian city Aleppo. Its caption reads: “Mother nursing her child 2nd cent AD. North Syria. Aleppo Museum.”

This one came from Goa, somewhere he’s returned to several times. Its captions reads: “Lord of the Cowherds Krisna delighted in playing on his flute as he tended to the cows with the other cowherds.” Nice guy!

I must admit he didn’t actually visit Mexico to get this one! It was sent from the British Museum in London.This turquoise mosaic of a double-headed serpent is from the 15th-16th century. Apparently its real-life height is 20.5 cm. Weirdly, the other day I was looking at this postcard, then I looked up and saw it on telly, then opened a newspaper and it was in there! Spooky.

This one came from the Turkish resort of Side – pronounced “siddy” – somewhere I would really love to visit.

This was sent us by my Irish uncle, Neil [confused yet?] from a Slovenian town with the unfortunate name of Bled. [I juuust managed to lop that off in the scanner.] According to his written missive, “the Japanese tourists [were] in town” – which must surely have resulted in linguistic hilarity at some point.