Postcard from Santa Monica

28 10 2010

Like good wine, horrible cheese and Caprice’s botox wounds, a good view can never get old …well, maybe. Ooh, look! Pretty!


Postcards to Germany and US

4 05 2010

Hope you’re all having fun in the sun, my pretties! I”m having some kind of issue with my external file server so please excuse me while I smack my head on the table. My space bar is also wreaking havoc as it continues to die sosorryifIwritelikethis – #fail. Anyway, these are two Earth From The Air postcards I recently sent to Postcrossers – the first one showing a crowd of people in Ivory Coast went to the US and the second showing a sandbank on the coast of Queensland, Australia went to Germany. Don’t mean to boast but I love ’em both.

Postcard to America

3 02 2010

This is the HD version of the postcard last seen in my photo of five travelling cards. Is there anything cuter than a tiny little dog – or “goggie” as I like to call ’em – dressed up in full old lady gear? Probably not!

Postcard from Oregon

5 01 2010

This lovely postcard arrived this very morning! It has really made me feel happy on an absolutely freeeeezing day in Britain – it’s kind of like being trapped inside a snow globe – or a McFlurry. Anyway, this postcard is helping me to dream of sunnier places.  BTW, the postman’s still in shorts!

[Not a] fail whale!

27 12 2009

This is an Earth From The Air postcard I sent to a Postcrosser in Florida. It looked really blue at my end but now looks really green! Maybe I’m just colour blind.

Santa dropped by!

27 12 2009

This lovely Christmas postcard came from a Postcrosser in the US – and turned up on Christmas Eve! ‘Twas a lovely surprise and made us all feel very festive. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and now we can get back to some serious Postcrossing. By the way, the Samsung Genio Qwerty is the best phone ever!