White horses postcard to Finland

26 02 2010

Oh dear, this poor blog is looking very neglected. Well, sorry about that – I’ve had new commitments of late, which hasn’t allowed much time for frivolities. This weekend I’ll try my darnedest to scan like never before and be all up to date in a jiffy. This is a postcard I sent a while ago showing four chalk horses visible on various English landscapes. My favourite will always be the top left-hand creation found in Uffington. It has an amazing simplicity which proves very effective on the eye. I’m an art critic!


A postcard

1 12 2009

This postcard was sent by moi to a Postcrosser in Australia. Pretty, innit? This old chap is found in Oxfordshire. I live near another chalk horse and they are wonderful to see. The thing about them is, they look so modern, like Damien Hirst just parked up with his pickled calf on the dashboard and carved it into the landscape. But they are well old, like ancient or something. God knows how they did it with the lack of perspective. It must have been quite a trial!