Oh, Maroc!

11 01 2010

While visiting my grandmother at the weekend, I happened to find these stunning postcards that she must have bought on holiday in Morocco a few years ago. She is long past being well enough to go anywhere now, so they hold quite a sad meaning for me. But it’s a shame to let them sit and collect the dust so I thought it was only right to, um, “liberate” them.

Morocco is top of my list of places to visit. The markets, the Moorish blue of the lush gardens, the beautiful, lovely people…oh, Maroc.

I must be turning into a real postcard geek because I even find the back beautiful! So perfect to be written on.


The Spanish mafia are in one of those villas watching you!

31 12 2009

Another postcard from my Irish uncle. I think he got involved in some pyramid scheme in the 90s – dodgy goings-on but now he gets a free holiday villa on the Spanish coast for two weeks a year so who’s laughing? I love this pretty card, even though I mangled the border in the scanner.