Lovely Cyprus

31 12 2009

Here’s a nice postcard from a friend on a visit to Cyprus. The Cyprus we see in the British media involves considerably bigger quantities of the booze’n’birds variety and disputed territory. Don’t ask! Just look at the pretty picture!


The Spanish mafia are in one of those villas watching you!

31 12 2009

Another postcard from my Irish uncle. I think he got involved in some pyramid scheme in the 90s – dodgy goings-on but now he gets a free holiday villa on the Spanish coast for two weeks a year so who’s laughing? I love this pretty card, even though I mangled the border in the scanner.

Don’t you just love new decades?

31 12 2009

Actually, no I don’t! And besides, what could beat the heady Keenan And Kel-filled days of the 90s? Anyway, tomorrow another ten-year block dawns and I’m so glad I can take my new love of Postcrossing into the Teenies [urgh, can’t believe I just said that].Though I’ll have probably moved on mid-June*, for now I just love them postcards!

On Monday I really did [almost] become the Perez Hilton of Postcrossing when the official team posted a Twitter link to my post, “Postcrossing V Penpals for little people!” To think of Paulo or Ana finding, reading and liking one of my posts is really quite weird – not to mention embarrassing – but it made me so happy – and got some crazy traffic! I really like the way they embrace people’s love of Postcrossing – they are great CEOs!

*Just kidding!

Postcard from China

27 12 2009

This is my new favourite ever Postcrossing! I seem to be getting a lot of cards from the Far East at the moment – which I love because they are so beautiful.

Postcard from Japan

27 12 2009

This postcard was sent to me by a friend, not a Postcrosser, during her visit to Tokyo. As a Brit, I have a lot of love for other small, overcrowded islands. Regarding Japan, I love the mix of ultra-modern cities and striking countryside. A very intriguing country!

The stamp is so beautiful.

[Not a] fail whale!

27 12 2009

This is an Earth From The Air postcard I sent to a Postcrosser in Florida. It looked really blue at my end but now looks really green! Maybe I’m just colour blind.

Postcard from India

27 12 2009

This postcard also showed up on Christmas Eve. I love it! Ever since I joined Postcrossing, I’ve been hoping for a card from India so this is really great.

Love the stamps, too!