Send postcards to make children smile

4 05 2010

I’m hardly the type to bleat on about charity, Elton John-style. But this gem really caught my eye as I perused my Tweetyline* last week. Postcrossing’s Twitter account is definitely worth following* – or at least keeping an eye on if ya dun’ know this Twitter fing – because it throws up all that is hot and wonderful in the world of Postcrossing right now.

Anyway, last week it linked to a lovely project whereby we the people can send postcards to be given to orphans in Kazakhstan. I’d been wishing I could find something of this ilk for quite some time so I’m gonna go for it big time – and I’m gonna badger all my family to do the same.

Hop on over to here to find out more!

It’s the most wonderful idea so do get involved.

*OhmyGod, I hope I’m not alienating them with all this tech speak.


Postcard from Finland

4 05 2010

Finland’s more than flipping brill rally drivers and hockey, y’know. It also houses this beauty which at first made me think I’d been Postcrossed by a Greek, if you will. According to its flipside notation, this ‘card shows the Parliament House National museum. And it came with the kind of stamp that makes Brits suspicious of those funny little Europeans [sadly not scanned]. Love!

Postcard from Belarus

4 05 2010

I received this beautiful green-green-green postcard from the chess prodigy-factory that is Belarus. The sender tells me her country is full to bursting with forests, rivers and lakes. Healthy, innit!

Postcards to Germany and US

4 05 2010

Hope you’re all having fun in the sun, my pretties! I”m having some kind of issue with my external file server so please excuse me while I smack my head on the table. My space bar is also wreaking havoc as it continues to die sosorryifIwritelikethis – #fail. Anyway, these are two Earth From The Air postcards I recently sent to Postcrossers – the first one showing a crowd of people in Ivory Coast went to the US and the second showing a sandbank on the coast of Queensland, Australia went to Germany. Don’t mean to boast but I love ’em both.